Covid-19 Guidelines

Covid-19 Guidelines

Royal Canadian Legion, West Vancouver Branch 60

WorkSafe BC/Ministry of Health BC COVID – 19 Safety Plan

May 17, 2020.

Step 1 – Preparation

  • Management and staff have reviewed all areas of the building for COVID-19 Safety issues.
  • We held a staff meeting on April 12th to review all aspects of the safety plan.

Step 2 – Staff safety

  • All staff were asked if they had any questions about COVID-19?
  • We reviewed any concerns about their health or that of our patron’s please either talk to the bar manager or myself so that we can deal with it immediately.
  • On shift all surfaces should be wiped down as often as can possible, bathroom main doors will be propped open so there will be less to touch.  Staff will primarily keep their work area clean but will try and clean the lounge also. We will provide masks and gloves for the staff (not mandatory to wear) and a plastic shield to protect them at the bar. 
  • One worker on shift and only one person behind the bar.  No patrons or off shift workers are allowed behind the bar at anytime.
  • Cash out to be done in the back office.
  • There will also be a COVID-19 procedure manual and there will be a note section for staff to add comments or notes.

Step 3 – Policy for staff members

  • One staff member on shift only.
  • Limit of 50 persons on the premises at one time.
  • Temperature checks when staff members arrive at work each day.
  • Protective barrier will be set up at the bar.
  • No one other than an on shift bartender is allowed behind the bar.
  • If staff are feeling symptoms of COVID-19 they must take 14 days off from work.
  • If anyone that you live with is confirmed to have COVID-19 you must stay home also.
  • The handicap washroom is going to be locked and will be the staff washroom.  This is to be locked other than when our staff use it. 

Step 4.

  • Staff have been trained in all aspects of a safe workplace. 
  • Procedures are laid out to make the workplace safe and are easy to follow.
  • Occupancy limit has been clearly posted.

Step 5.

  • Staff have been trained in how to monitor and ensure policy is being followed.
  • Staff know who to report to if there are any health or safety concerns.

Step 6.

  • We have a manual in place for any new hires and a training plan in place that can be adapted to any changes that may come along as we work through the pandemic.


  • We would like customers to use credit cards and tap as often as possible.
  • If using pin then staff will wipe down the terminal after every transaction.
  • Cashiers who handle money, including credit cards, must wash their hands frequently and be reminded to not touch their face.
  • We request that if possible you run a tab to reducing the handling of money.
  • Anyone running a tab must hand over a credit card or drivers license.

Your health before entering the lounge.

  • Everyone will have to buzz in and sign in.
  • Everyone will have their temperature checked.
  • If you have a cough, cold or any other symptoms we request you say so and do not enter.
  • Anyone displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 will be requested to leave the premises.

Social Distancing at Branch 60

  • All customers must sign in via the guest book.  All staff, members and guests must sign in no exceptions
  • Members come first and guests only come in if we know them unless the lounge is quiet.
  • Safe distancing will be marked on the floor and will need to be adhered to.
  • Bathrooms used by one person at a time.  Main doors will be blocked open to reduce surfaces touched.
  • In through the front door and exit through the back door of the building.
  • Seating is by tables of 2, 3, 4 and 6 seats.  If you are with friends or family you are allowed to sit at a table of up to six.
  • All tables are 2 meters apart.  Tables and chairs cannot be moved around the lounge or patio.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be in various locations throughout the lounge and patio.


  • Noise is going to be a huge concern with people sitting further apart.  Please respect our neighbours and keep the noise down.
  • Onto the patio through the French doors and back into the lounge through the side door. 
  • Seating is by tables of 2, 3, 4 and 6 seats.  If you are with friends or family you are allowed to sit at a table of up to six.
  • All tables are 2 meters apart.  Again tables and chairs cannot be moved around the lounge or patio.

Membership has its privileges!

  • Our members must come first.  Period.         
  • We will be a members only facility until the lounge gets quieter.  If the lounge is not too busy you may sign in one guest per member.
  • This is a fresh start so will have a code of conduct that we will be adhering to.
  • All guests and members must be signed in.  This is mandated by WorkSafe and BC Health department.

Code of conduct.

  • The lounge is for Legion members and guests only.
  • No one is to go behind the bar other than the bartender on shift.  This will lead to suspension.
  • Treat the other guests and lounge staff with respect.
  • No smoking on Legion property.  COVID-19 is a respiratory disease so there will be no smoking on the premises whatsoever.
  • The bartender has the final say with regards to closing hours, serving of drinks and may request that you vacate the premises.
  • No outside beverages or you will be suspended.
  • No foul language or swearing.
  • Any behaviour that is perceived to be offensive to the branch staff or patrons is not allowed.
  • Engaging in unlawful activity or behaviours of any kind is not allowed.  Any unlawful activity will lead to suspension or membership being revoked.
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